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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 24, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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used this drug numerous times. it's so great but i believe that it will lead to more severe overdoses. >> susan in connecticut, she writes good idea because it may save lives. bad idea because it may cause overdoses. >> thank you so much for your comments. there's another one from bdazzler right there. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning to you. thursday, september 24th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. 220 people dead after a stampede during a religious pilgrimage near the muslim holy city of mecca. the breaking details moments away. meanwhile, this morning pope francis is going to address the u.s. congress, but at the white house he spoke about religious freedom and bill o'reilly has a theory about what he really was talking about. >> now that's a shot at president obama but that point
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was directed at mr. obama himself. >> look at that. we have live team coverage on the pope in washington and later on here in new york. if you see crazy stuff on the road, forget it. >> are you kidding me? >> oh, my gosh, i missed it. >> slow that down. good job. >> that's a plane flying through a busy intersection, all right? he did not have his left blinker. mornings are better with friends. hi, everybody. welcome to "fox & friends." sixth avenue right now, you can't park anywhere on it. there are cones, there are cops. the pope is coming to town. >> right. >> sure is. >> lots of kids going to
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scrimmage in the street. it's pope worthy. >> get a game or two in. >> it's amazing we still use cones. >> they work. >> the george washington bridge a couple of years ago, i saw them there. meanwhile, a couple of hours from now the pope is going to make history on capitol hill as he becomes the first ever reining pontiff to address a joint meeting of the u.s. congress. >> historic. we're bringing you live coverage from capitol hill. mike emanuel is live from the west side. we have peter dousy. good morning to you. >> good morning. a huge day here on capitol hill. house speaker john boehner says it's taken him 20 years and a few different popes but this historic day is finally here. pope francis due here on capitol hill with his delegation in a little bit more than three hours. it feels like an inauguration day here. we have tremendous security all over capitol hill. at 5:00 a.m. they started letting the general public in. you can probably see general
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public in over my shoulder. they have giant screens over my shoulder where people can listen to the address. we'll waiting for the waive for him to come out and greet people. the weather is much better today. another big difference is, of course, both democrats and republicans are expected to be happy, at least for a few hours, but tremendous buzz out here on the western side of the u.s. capitol as an historic day which is the pope coming here to address a joint meeting of congress. john boehner says his opening line, the catholic speaker of the house with foreign heads of state, how is your economy doing, he says? he'll come up with something different today. back to you guys in new york. >> let's hope so. mike, back to you. >> hopefully no hard feelings as we went to mike first. we'll try to reverse that. you're live on the east side of
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the capitol. pete? >> reporter: brian, it was something to see as the pope wound his way through the streets of dc. many people in the deep crowd along constitution avenue were overwhelmed. some were gasping, some crying, some cheering. one woman with tears in her eyes telling us that she would never forget it. later in the afternoon yesterday, on what will be remembered as a trip of many firsts, the pope proceeded to the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception where 25,000 ticketed guests saw the first ever canonization ceremony on u.s. soil as pope francis made the missionary from california june pair row serra the first ever hispanic american saint. something really special today, pope francis will pass by a statue of serra in statueary
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hall. the plan is for the pope to reflect at that statue in some way. we don't know exactly what he will do or say when he gets to that statue, one of five catholic statues at the capitol complex. one thing that seems certain is that that statue will soon be a new stop on the capitol tour. back to you. >> peter doocy on the east frorcht of the capitol. now according to peetd ter's instagram, because i do follow him, he has two selfies with the pope. the pope is way behind him. >> didn't you have the first selfie? >> you had the first selfie in america? >> i think so. >> i was keeping a pope selfie time line. >> did he tag the pope? >> i don't know. >> #popeindc. >> did he have to buy that back? >> he has 7 million followers. >> there are a lot of selfies
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out there of the pope. >> so when bill o'reilly speaks i always listen. i love to see when they post it on his website. he started with this might be my most important point ever. >> in decades. >> what he did was he took a passage from, you know, the heads -- in a lot of papers today it was like, the pope talked about global warming, takes a shot at republicans. well, he did talk about global warming and i'm sure it will come up later today in the joint meeting of congress. when bill o'reilly looked at what the pope was talking about yesterday, the pope was actually very specific talking about religious liberty. this is something that impacts this president greatly. listen carefully. here's a pope yesterday on the south lawn of the white house. >> there are ways for citizens
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and american companies to building a society which is tolerant and inclusive so they've forgotten the rights of individuals and communities and no injustice and discrimination. we expect their deepest concerns and their right to religious liberty. >> we've been talking about religious liberty here on this. >> little sister. >> told me to stop there. i was not scheduled. stopped at little sister's department. they were suing the administration over obama care
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and having contraception -- yeah, forced to pay for that to people that work there. they believe it's against their religious liberty and the pope proving a bill o'reilly point right here made a stop there in support of them. watch this. >> that's a shot at president obama and his believes that americans should be forced to perform abortions and against their religious believes. the gay marriage controversy comes to mind. the pope did this very gently but that point was directed at mr. obama himself. >> i think he's exactly right. >> we don't know what happened behind closed durs. >> for 40 minutes there was a tour of the white house. no aides present. yet to be determined what was said. great time, historic nonetheless. mike huckabee, the governor, released a vine video taking on president obama when it comes to religious freedom saying, oh, really?
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what about this clerk in kentucky? >> we cherish religious liberty. we cherish religious liberty. we cherish -- >> so, remember when you are reading your newspaper today and it talks about how the pope mentioned climate change and put the republicans in a tough spot, he also was talking about religious liberty. that covers a lot of ground. it kovscovers abortion, the clen kentucky. >> he'll bring up pro life, that's a given. it will be referencing the syrian refugees and you know he's going to be talking about immigration. he's going to be talking about what we're doing on the border. >> i think immigration will be big for him. it was yesterday. you'll see it all live here on the fox news channel as you did yesterday. we had the tv on all day long.
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>> it was one day in which they don't call it the boob tube, even the parents. >> it had such a weight with it. we watched it with the kids. that was incredible. the pope probably will address perhaps the 177 members there who -- >> democrats. >> -- democrats who have not stepped in to do something about late term abortion. >> elisabeth would you also -- are we going to see republicans cheer when they talk pro life, democrats cheer when they talk about green energy. >> they've already been told to put a lid on it. >> the pope, quote, you shake our conscience from our slumber. i thought that was true. i thought there might be a lot of shaking going on today. >> i didn't know we were sleeping. >> you'll see it all today. pope in washington later in new york. live from new york right now. we've got a -- >> we never sleep. the death toll from a stampede in saudi arabia is now rising
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up. up to 310 people killed. it happened in mecca. an estimated 2 million people take part in the annual hajj pilgrimage. 450 others have been hurt. it's not clear yet what prompted that stampede. a pair of reality tv ghost hunters found dead inside a nevada apartment. after an hour-long standoff, they were staples on the popular travel channel series called "ghost adventures." their death comes when the s.w.a.t. bursts into their barricaded apartment. police not releasing a cause of death. marks costantino was shooting at officers whenever they approached the door. you think you've seen some crazy stuff on the road, right? well, forget it. take a look at this. >> are you kidding me? >> yeah. you got that right.
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that is an airplane going through an intersection. you're driving your kids to school, you just come upon that. it was a small plane that made an emergency landing on a busy landing in california. the student pilot and instructor were not hurt. it's not clear what caused that. >> lucky they had the light. >> lucky they did have the light. good morning. a wounded warrior has a huge surprise after throwing out the first pitch at the st. louis cardinals. >> welcome gabby's new dog. >> that is army first sergeant christopher roseberry getting a service dog named gabby. the veteran lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and despite that injury has continued to serve our country. the group dogs for the brave was behind the surprise. what a terrific surprise. i'll see you back here in a bit. >> good story. >> thank you for that. coming up on this thursday, the pope has called capitolism greedy and evil but hasn't
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capitolism done a lot of good in the world, too? sure it has. what about the billions of dollars the united states sends overseas. >> and all ladies wanted his number when they saw the hot guy in the back of the campaign debate. now the candidates want his number, too. >> really? >> just wait until you hear why.
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when pope francis makes his congressional debut today, many believe he'll have some things to say about america's free market. he called the unfettered market something that ruins society. the leading expert on vatican issues, "pope francis, among the wolves, the inside story of a revolution," marco, are we looking at a pope that will be hostile to our system of government? >> i don't think so. the pope says very clearly he comes here to the united states as brother. he wants to speak about tough issues which are important for every nation, which is -- which are important for all peoples on the world. it's not only pope francis who has used such tough words
3:18 am
against unfettered capitalism. john paul ii spoke about the risk of radical capitalist ideology. this doesn't mean absolutely that the popes are against free market economy. all the popes are in favor of free market economy but they feel that's the social doctrine of the catholic church that there must be a system which is also helped by rules which are aimed to foster the common good. that's the core of the ideas of this pope and also of the other popes. >> you also call it -- but he called it the dung of the devil. it's hard to see some gray area there. >> that's an old middle aged expression. may be a tough expression, but what the pope wants to say and also other popes have said is that if there is only a profit oriented mechanism which doesn't take in account also the
3:19 am
necessity to include great masses of poor people in the first world -- >> no, i understand that, but he's referring to us. we do have social programs, we do have situations built in and we do give a lot to charity. take a look at this. i don't know if you have a monitor. i'll read it to you just in case you don't. here in 2013 we sent out just from the government let alone the 39 billion that's sent out from private funds just from americans with a kind heart, $31.7 billion. the second highest is the u.k. with 18 billion. germany with 16. i mean, you had spain with $2 billion and we have the most purest form of capitalism. does the pope understand those numbers? >> i think the pope and especially the vatican knows these numbers. the pope, as i told, didn't want to come here to blame a single nation. it's just the country, but he
3:20 am
wants that in the united states as in italy, as in europe, as in other countries especially in the first world it is understood that also within the northern hemisphere there are masses of people who are in very difficult situation and that there is a widening gap between people who are at the very top and whose wealth is growing and people who are in a very difficult situation like also the president of -- this widening gap is what concerns the pope. >> if he said widening gap i thought that would have been probably more accurate. thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up straight ahead, the conservative kid famous for his critiques of the white house just got blocked from the president on twitter. c.j. pierson speaking out this morning. and would you walk nearly
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at 24 minutes past the top of the hour we have some election headlines for you now. four universities have been chosen to host the presidential and vice presidential debates next year. the nominees for president will go head to head at wright state university in ohio, washington university in st. louis, the university of nevada in las vegas. the candidates for vice president will meet at longwood
3:25 am
university in virginia. the man dubbed gop hotty in high demand with republican presidential candidates. carly fiorina and john kasich have both reached out to greg caruso asking for his support on their campaigns. what about that. the 24-year-old l.a. based actor rose to fame and stole women's hearts on twitter during this month's debates #bad. >> i was actually watching the debate. what was i anything. meanwhile, some of our favorite snacks pack a heavy punch when it comes to the number of calories and the amount of walking you would need to do to burn it all off is astounding. >> i didn't just come up with that. steve didn't make that up. dr. steve siegel did the research. we like the stuff but there's a price to pay for it. >> absolutely, brian. not only that. you get used to something. the first one we're talking about, a can of soda, 140 calories. you've got to walk a mile and a half to burn that off. you get used to drinking soda,
3:26 am
then you don't stop. >> you do. the alternative is, you say? >> the alternative is a sparkling water with a little bit of lemon or lime in it. you think it's not the same thing. you get used to it. you still get the fizz in your mouth. >> doing a mile and a half and saying, is this worth it? then you might put it down. caffeine. >> that one's 250 calories, actually, because it's a bigger bottle. absolutely, it's not worth it. >> at the end of the day a lot of people grab a cookie, grab one of the canty bars and a candy bar average at 215 calories per serving, how much -- >> you've got to go 2 1/2 miles. >> unbelievable. >> you have to go 2 1/2 miles to burn off a candy bar. if you had a fiber bar, that's only 1 mile. they digest their sugar better. >> okay. >> much healthier.
3:27 am
>> you can walk to the store to get it? >> absolutely. absolutely. you've got fiber and you digest better. we all love coffee in the morning and we love when they come up with a -- >> pumpkin spice latte. tell us about this. >> they're very different, elisabeth. the care mel frappucino. you have to walk 4 1/2 miles to burn that off. >> oh, my god. >> iced latte with 2% milk is only 130. >> to go to starbucks you have to wait 4 1/2 hours to get it. >> you burn it off. absolutely. >> that's astounding. >> astounding. much healthier. >> this next one takes the cake. if you feel so obligated to have a chocolate shake, ladies and gentlemen, there's almost 750 calories. you'd have to go 8 1/3 miles. >> walking 8 1/3 miles. whereas, if you had a real fruit smooth ti
3:28 am
smoothie. use real fruit, bananas, apples, it's 210 calories. >> it's not the same. >> put a little kiwi in it. >> if you're eating out, you're saying, it's a milk shake, it's a milk shake. >> get used to it, put a little kale in there, cucumber. >> what's wrong with you? >> people eat lots of fruit. >> chicken burritos. >> we all love it. >> that's 1,000 calories, 11 1/2 miles. you know why? it's the bread. >> 11 miles? >> listen, if i take the chicken out of the burrito and the beans which are loaded with vitamins and fiber and i put them on top of a salad, then it's only p365 calories. get it out of the burrito, on the salad. >> this is why the expression, ignorance is bliss. >> all about discipline, steve. >> when you know about it, it kills ya. >> it's what you get used to.
3:29 am
>> you ruined a lot of days. >> either that or people will start walking as they eat. >> absolutely. walk to -- that burrito you've got to walk all day! all day! >> you have to walk home. >> with the pope in town i have to walk home. >> all right. mark, thank you. >> good to see you, dr. segel. coming up on this thursday, kentucky clerk kim davis refusing to back down to critics trying to suppress her religious freedom. hear her exclusive cable news interview coming up next with megyn kelly. that song that makes you feel good, now experts know exactly why. the science behind your favorite music next. ♪ ♪ pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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well, that's queen. >> queen, yes. >> make you happy? >> the song is called "don't stop me now." some scientists were looking for, there must be a formula about what makes a good happy song, and they figured it out. >> are these mtv scientists? >> what makes you feel good about music? >> the song has to have a -- think about yours. it has to have a fast tempo of at least 150 beats a minute, all the major keys and it's got to be happy. >> right. >> how happy, steve? >> some people think some people's happy -- some people get happy when they're sad. >> who? who are these people? >> the british electronics company alva is the one that sampled 2,000 people. they're a lot like us, the british. >> ten beats per minute faster than the ones they ruled not as hap
3:34 am
happy. what's your happy song? feel-good song. >> it makes me happy and it's pharrell and he's singing about happy and it makes me happy. ♪ i'll be just fine >> does that make you happy? >> the name of it is "happy." >> when you run it's supposed to be 180 beats per minute. >> others are "dancing," queen, and the worst song ever by billy joel, "up beat." ♪ got some happy >> doesn't that just make you happy? >> they're telling me to be happy which i don't want to be happy. >> you don't want to be bossed around. >> you're not the boss of me. >> i don't want to be told every seven seconds. >> i have a hard time picking my feel-good song. i like natalie grant. the third day i came here and this song right here makes me happy. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm running for your heart,
3:35 am
i'm running for your heart ♪ ♪ here i am a soul on fire ♪ >> "soul on fire." >> hear the beat? >> it might not be fast enough. >> i think it is. got back beat. qualifies. >> my number one song that makes me feel happy the band perry "if i die young." >> they premiered that on the show. >> i'm kidding. >> that's depressing. >> one song whenever i heard it puts me in a good mood. do you want to finish your song. >> i'm going to listen to my 150 beats per minute. tell me your song. >> don't you feel like a musician. >> one more time from the top. gotcha. no. this is the one song for any generation. they only put out one album, maybe two. it's boston's "more than a feeling." ♪ more than a feeling ♪ more than a feeling ♪ when i'm here by your side >> that makes you happy? >> yeah, because it's more than a feeling.
3:36 am
it's not telling me to be happy, it's telling me i can feel whatever. >> feeling, what is it? >> i can't put a label on it. >> which makes it intriguing. it's like a mystery song. >> happy is one of the feelings. maybe that encompasses all of the feelings. >> send it to your feel-good song. we just might play it to you today. we're going to put a feel-good play list together. >> the cover is alba, the powered milk. my favorite powered milk, take that, car nation, is alba. >> you use powdered milk? >> of course. i don't want to be squeezing cows all day. >> 24 minutes before the top of the hour. >> i just need a second to pause after that. now i can say that. the pope's historic visit to the united states is being celebrated with hugs, hand shakes and a whole lot of selfies. we have a look at the pontiff and how he's taken the social
3:37 am
media world by storm. >> what's the pope's song. thousands of people gathered in washington, d.c., all of them hoping to get a glimpse, just a glimpse of pope francis. of course, they want to remember the historic visit with a picture, a selfie. check out marianne grabbing that memory as the pope mobile drove past her, right past her spot in the crowd there. erin said that she was screaming so loud as the pope rolled past he must have heard her, of course. here is art forest. he says that he will never forget this moment. boy, that's more than a selfie. that's side by side. he grabbed this picture as the pope stopped to take selfies at a school in the dc area. one of his classmates saying that this moment was a dream come true. >> all i said was, holy father, like i love you, and like can i take a picture with you? he's the only one in the world and it was very, you know, special and magical.
3:38 am
>> that's so great to see them so excited. users on facebook, twitter and instagram, they've been using hashtags like #popeindc and #walkwithfrancis. we can expect a lot more in the coming days. are you guys going to try to get out there and get a selfie with the pope? >> i'm going to try. >> right. >> it's going to be hard. >> there are a lot of cones and a lot of police stiff arms. >> another thing is if the pope is over there and -- where's your phone? if the pope is over there and you're taking a selfie like this, you're not going to actually see him. >> right. >> all about the angle. all about the angle. >> are you carrying the stick around? are they doing it? >> you would not be allowed with selfie sticks. >> good reason. >> strong arm. time now for some news and heather starts with kim davis. >> the kentucky clerk jailed for five days after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses is now defending her actions after her request to stall that
3:39 am
case has been denied. kim davis telling our megyn kelly that the fight is still about her religious beliefs and she won't back down. >> you have millions of christians who object. this whole same-sex marriage issue. are their rights invalid? are their rights not worth anything? it's a valid point and it's a fight worth fighting for. >> davis requested a stay arguing that the couples who sued her did receive licenses and she should not have to issue anymore of them. the judge then denying that request. well, it was a hit ordered . the coach at john j. high school in san antonio, texas, admitting they told a player to slam a referee to the ground. the assistant coach, mark breed, directed the students to hit the ref in retaliation for alleged racist comments. the coach is currently on administrative leave. the two players responsible for that hit have now been
3:40 am
reassigned to the district's alternative school for 75 days. a 13-year-old conservative youtube sensation says that he was blocked from viewing the president's twitter account. c.j. pierson has been a vocal critic of the president's policies like this. >> i think you don't understand reality. the reality of the situation is that you don't understand. >> well, yesterday c.j. posted a screen graph appearing to show that he had been banned from the president's twitter page. >> i was completely, completely shocked when i saw that i was blocked. the leader of the free world doesn't block american citizens. the leader of the free world doesn't stifle free speech, or at least that's what i thought. >> wow. the white house denied the allegations. nobody has ever been blocked from the potus twitter account.
3:41 am
pearson says it's incredible that they accuse him of lying. the block has been lifted. >> the c.j. pearson blockade. thank you, heather. coming up, he was osama bin laden's body guard. almost a 9/11 hijacker. now he's been sprung from get mow. rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden, talks. and her father killed. on her wedding day his comrades would not let her dance alone. that bride joins us live with a few of the officers who made her day. >> great. ♪song: "that's life"
3:42 am
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[ male announcer ] to make sure people don't break john deere tractors on accident, we try to break john deere tractors on purpose.
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osama bin laden's body guard, that man right there, set free from gitmo. he's been transferred back to saudi arabia after a review panel determined he was no longer a threat, but just a couple of years ago he was considered too dangerous to be released. so what could have changed between 2009 and today? here to weigh in is the man who killed osama bin laden, retired navy s.e.a.l. and fox news contributor rob o'neill. rob, what do you think about this? >> good morning, steve. good to be on again. well, i mean, this is -- it doesn't really surprise me, even though, you know, it should. right now this administration is trying to get rid of guantanamo bay in its entirety so they're trying to say a lot of these people are -- they're fixed and they're ready to go back and be milk and honey farmers even though that's not the case because they're going back to places right now where a lot of
3:46 am
the ideology there is jihad, you know, against the west. it's not a good thing these guys are going to go back and be bad. right now we're down to the worst of the worst at guantanamo detainees and they're going to keep doing it. >> here's the thing, rob. not only are they going to send him back to saudi arabia. because he's been behind bars so long, saudi arabia says, welcome home. you can live like you want. become the honey farmer, something like that, but the united states will monitor these guys to make sure he doesn't do anything bad. >> they're saying they're going to monitor him in saudi arabia. they're also sending a lot of them back to oman. most of these were people who worked as body guards for osama bin laden, spiritual advisers to a lot of the al qaeda guys. a lot of them fought at torah boro.
3:47 am
so we're down to the people we found on the battlefield. we don't have great evidence on them. these are people that were detained. this is a problem for the men and women that died trying to get them to quan tan him in mow bay and for the people of september 11th. >> our government thinks they've been fixed. you've met these guys. what are we doing with them at gitmo to make us think, okay, he's new and improved and he's not going to start shooting at us again? >> well, the thing about quarterback p guantanamo bay, other than being on a tropical island, it's like some of the detention islands we have, they spend a lot of time in the yard. it's like a school for them. they're going around talking about the tactics that we used to get them so they can be better. learning to be better jihad dis. they pray more. they're more concentrated on it.
3:48 am
it's not as bad as people think. one guy i'm pretty sure had a site. >> yeah, we heard about that. >> if you were president of the united states, rob o'neill, what would you do with this guy? >> this is tough. you know, i'm obviously not a lawyer. my job was to get these guys behind bars. we need to keep them though. this is a new war. we need to keep them indefinitely. it's not up to me whether we need to take them to the states or put them in a super max. we can't put them on the battlefield. they'll come back with a lot of street credit and put in leadership roles. they're going back to oman and yemen. al dade is trying to reenergize its base and get high level leadership like this will help al qaeda. it's going to -- >> well, he waited us out and now he's been sprung. rob o'neill joining us from lansing michigan. thank you very much. >> what do you think about that? meanwhile, this little girl of an illegal immigrant making major headlines this morning
3:49 am
after getting past security to reach the pope. how did that happen? we're going to tell you what we know. and her father, a police officer killed in the line of duty six years ago, but on her wedding day, his comrades would not let her dance alone. that bride joins us with a few of the officers who made her day and are going to make your morning. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
pretty much every girl dreams of the day her father
3:53 am
will walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. for kristen that day would never come. her father washington state sheriff's deputy was killed in the line of duty in 2009. but his comrades in blue were not going to let kristen stand alone at her wedding this past saturday. one officer actually walked her down the aisle, and three more took turns sharing in the traditional father/daughter dance. a moment that brought this bride to tears. joining us now, kristen rendell, seattle police department detective don jones who walked her down the aisle and pierce county deputy sheriff brian anderson, one of the officers who surprised her with the dance. we thank you all for joining "fox & friends" this morning. kristen, how difficult was it for you to be planning, you know, the biggest day of your life, arguably, without your dad? and what was the question that you popped on the detective? >> it was very hard to plan. i mean planning any wedding is super hard, let alone not having my father there to keep me calm
3:54 am
and talk me through things. so it was extra hard. and then to ask don to walk me down the aisle, it was the day after i got engaged, i went over to his house and i was like, so will you walk me down the aisle. and he didn't even believe me that i got engaged until i showed him the ring. he was like, are you being serious or are you joking with me right now? i said oh, i'm being serious. it took him a minute to realize i was really being honest and asking him to walk me down the aisle. >> and detective, when you hear that, what did it mean to you and why was it important to you to do exactly that for kirsten? >> it was very, very special to me. and you know, with the history with kirsten, and her family, it was very special. it meant the world to me. >> well it is so moving to see that. you know, deputy anderson, kirsten, you're in the middle of the father/daughter dance with the detective, all of a sudden you feel a tap on your shoulder, as i read, and who shows up
3:55 am
right there for you? >> brian was there. well, jim, and then after brian anderson walked up. >> deputy, when you were there, and you started dancing with kirsten what message did you want to send to her? >> i just told her what a beautiful bride she was, and how much of an honor it was to be able to share that moment with her. >> of course. you know, kirsten you we're looking at the back of your dress now. and i know you had a blue ribbon woven down the back of it. what was that for? >> it was to represent the thin blue line which is like the brotherhood of law enforcement, and that it has always meant -- it's been like a huge representation of law enforcement, and it's meant a lot to me since my dad died. i even have a thin blue line tattoo on my back, as well. >> what a remarkable sight that is to see your dress. you actually had a chair, specially dedicated to your dad, kent mundell right there with you pictured for our viewers at
3:56 am
home. what would your dad say about the officers stepping up for you on this big day? >> i think he'd be very proud of them. he was so -- he loved being an officer, and he -- they were all his friends and his brothers and they're family. and so i know he's so happy that they're still including us, and they still support us every day, and they're always there for us. and i know he'd love that. >> did you feel him on that day with you? >> i did. i felt him. i knew he was watching over me and that he was proud of me, and who i've become in the last six years. he would love my husband. so i knew he was there with us. >> an incredible, incredible moment right here with us that you're sharing. kirsten we thank you for that. deputies and detective, we can't thank you enough for what you do every day, and what you did for kirsten and her family. >> it's our pleasure. >> definitely our pleasure. >> what a story. congratulations, kirsten.
3:57 am
pope francis, getting a lot of attention for the most modest ride getting him around town. so what's it like inside the pope mobile? we have one right here on our plaza and we're going to drive it to find out at the top of the hour. join us. only nexium 24hr gives you nexium level protection for frequent heartburn all day and all night. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection.
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turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in ½ the time live from new york city, ladies and gentlemen, we're in the popemobile. this is the fiat 500l, just exactly the same car that the pope has selected to get him around washington, d.c. hi, everybody. >> it's nicer than i thought. >> the windows allow you to see everybody outside. pope francis wants to be as close to the people as possible. this is his message vehicle of the year. >> when i saw this at andrews air force base at first i thought, okay, look at that, fiat has created a limousine. they didn't create a limousine.
4:01 am
this is just something off the factory assembly line. it sells for about $20,000. and brian you'll notice in the back -- brian by the way is in the pope chair right now. >> i'm -- >> there's so much room in this car. >> maybe chrysler would import on fiat -- >> i wonder how the market will be affected by the pope driving a fiat, how many more people will be interested in purchasing this vehicle after this week right here in the united states. it's certainly interesting. and now it's a busy vehicle today. the pope is going to address congress for the first time a joint meeting at 10:00 a.m. >> that's right. this is a fox news alert from the streets of new york city where the pope will be later on today to washington, d.c. we have live team coverage. peter doocy is on the east front of the u.s. capitol. mike emanuel starts our coverage on the west front. hello, mike. >> steve, good morning. we expect the pope will speak in english and we're told there
4:02 am
will be no teleprompter. and beyond that there's great anticipation about what pope francis will say to the united states congress and to the american people. in a little bit more than two hours the pope and his official delegation will arrive here at the u.s. capitol. at 9:20 the holy father is scheduled to enter the u.s. capitol. at 9:25 speaker boehner welcomes the pope and they're due to have a one-on-one meeting. at 9:46 the speaker will all the house to order. at 10:01 the house sergeant at arms will make the announcement, mr. speaker the pope of the holy see. inside the capitol there are duct taped xs and other visual instructions marking where vips should stand at important moments. positioning, for example, for departure for the vice president, speaker boehner, and house democratic leader nancy pelos pelosi. there's great anticipation from republicans and democrats about various issues the pope may touch on during his speech. republicans undoubtedly wanting to hear issues such at defensive
4:03 am
life, traditional marriage, and democrats likely want to hear more about climate change and immigration. speaker boehner's kind of taking more laidback approach saying that lawmakers should basically chill out, relax, listen to what the pope has to say, and perhaps look for a little inspiration. steve, back to you in new york. >> okay, mike emmanuel, thank you very. >> inspired to get something done? >> out of the popemobile, back to the curvy couch. >> we're faster than a fiat. >> nice car. >> beautiful car. >> we're going to talk to the guy who brought it here for us today in about ten minutes. >> if you're looking for a spokes model all three of us will be interested in that. now we turn to steve doocy live on the other side of the capitol far away from mike emmanuel. >> and fiats. we only have big suburbans here so far. to rewind to yesterday there were two really remarkable things about the pope's parade through washington, d.c. first was the way that people
4:04 am
reacted. they were cheering, and crying, and gasping as the popemobile neared and then quieting down to reflect about what they had just seen and may never see again, as he pulled away. second, nobody moved after waiting up to seven hours the crowd was 30 deep in some places, and still, hardly anyone risked losing their spot for the pope's pass. later in the day pope francis led the first ever canonization mass on u.s. soil making father junipero serra the first ever american saint. the mass at the basilica at the national shrine of the immaculate conception drew 25,000 ticket holders. and today something special. junipero serra helped colonize california in the 1700s. there is a statue of him inside the u.s. capitol. it is one of five catholic statues inside, and at some point, the pope is expected to stop and pay a visit. back to you in new york. >> all right, peter. peter, an hour ago i mentioned that you probably wound up with
4:05 am
the first selfie with the pope at andrews air force base. i think we've got from your instagram. this is your selfie from yesterday. tell us what's going on there. >> it was a good shot. the crowd, we could hear and see the pope coming closer, and it was well enough that i was able to turn around and our producer jake gibson took that picture. you can see rick morris one of our photographers. >> oh, i see so it's not really a selfie. it's a jakey if jake gibson took it. >> it was. but it was a powerful parade. it was amazing to see how people reacted. i was lucky to be there. i will never forget it. >> thank you for sharing all those images with us. peter, great work there as always. we're going to turn to heather nauert who has breaking news. >> certainly do. hope your parents got some pictures, as well. >> they did. good morning. i've got a fox news alert i want to bring you. breaking overnight the death toll from the stampede in saudi arabia is now rising. up to 310 people have been
4:06 am
killed. the stampede happened at a camp in nina just outside the muslim holy city of mecca. an estimated 2 million people taking part in the traditional hajj pilgrimage. at least 450 others have been hurt. it's not clear yet what prompted that stampede. well the former miss usa ali landry and her family are grieving this morning. her father-in-law, and her brother-in-law, have both been murdered in mexico, after they were held hostage. it was a 16-day ordeal. her film producer husband's father and brother kidnapped in tampico, mexico, despite a ransom being paid for their safety, the two men were found dead in a region known for drug cartel violence. well, hillary clinton's firing back over allegations that she started the birther theory that claims that president obama was not born in the united states. republican candidate donald trump has prompted that theory for years, and is now claiming that it was clinton who started it, all back in 2008. but clinton telling cnn the
4:07 am
birther claim was, quote, ludicrous and totally untrue. well, imagine getting billed for $2 million for using your cell phone for just one month. an oregon man says he canceled his plan with verizon after just one month, last year, because he felt he was being overcharged. but a few months ago he started getting letters from collections agencies saying that he owed thousands of dollars in back payments, and then he got this call. >> the amount now due is $2, 156,593.64. >> really? i might laugh, too. except he's been very concerned that this new house he's trying to buy may be jeopardized by this bill. he's been unable to get a response from the phone company. the phone company now says that it is resolving that issue, and those are your headlines. we've seen some crazy cell phone bills but $2 million. that's a mistake. >> holy cow. >> that will not be -- ouch.
4:08 am
>> thank you. >> so this may be just me, the president -- the pope spoke in english yesterday. >> yes. >> that's correct. >> it was an amazing to see him. he's picking up english better and better and he gave his remarks. contained in those remarks is something i think that republicans and democrats at some point a little upset. but yesterday he also brought up the fact that sometimes war, and a lot of talking points, he outlined the pope's remarks and said i want to show you how the pope was actually subtly calling out the president. >> and he did that. you know, president obama took the moment to get political when talking about diplomacy to the pope. watch. >> thank you for your passionate voice against the deadly conflicts that ravage the lives of so many men, women, and children, and your call for nations to resist the sirens of war, and resolve disputes
4:09 am
through diplomacy. >> okay, so then get the president talking about how to figure out how to do things peacefully through diplomacy. bill o'reilly, during his talking points, as brian was just talking about, makes a great point, and that is when you look at the arc of the president's foreign policy history, perhaps he has done more to hurt than actually help. watch. >> this diplomacy is good. and we should always try to use it. but when diplomatic efforts fail, concrete actions must be taken, mr. obama's abdication from iraq, and his failure to confront the killer assad in syria has led to catastrophe. hundreds of thousands of poor people murdered or driven from their homes. hundreds of thousands. as pope francis surely knows, it's not enough to give peace a chance, when innocent civilians are being murdered. and their entire lives uprooted. when that happens, action must be taken.
4:10 am
but president obama has failed to take action. and now we have a colossal migrant crisis, and hundreds of thousands are dead. speaking of migrants, immigrants, here in this country, there is a moment yesterday during the parade in washington, d.c. when a 5-year-old girl, whose parents are apparently in this country illegally, she got over the metal barrier. there she is, 5-year-old sophia cruz, she got -- she ran toward the pope and then the secret service people stopped her and then the pope waved her over. . they brought her over and he kissed her and he hugged her, and she gave him a t-shirt, and also a letter. >> and she said she was worried that i.c.e. would take her parents. what a moment. getting within the pope, then getting a hug and kiss, delivering a t-shirt and a letter to pope francis. i'm asking why she got through,
4:11 am
though. she did -- there was a gloria secado, director of a group based in los angeles, and apparently they organized a trip to washington from south carolina for six children, and 19 adults to communicate -- part of the group. she went there with her dad. and she wanted to communicate to the pope their concerns, and this group organized just that and she got through. the pope has expressed his love for children, and she with that yellow shirt caught his eye. he waved her through. the secret service. but some people are asking this morning whether or not that was safe. >> well, she -- she started -- >> i'm sure an adult probably put her over the metal barrier. >> how do you get security on the same page to do that. >> she ran towards the pope, and then they stopped her. but then the pope waved her over. you know, how did she, you know -- >> i think getting there was organized. but this moment right here. you couldn't have planned what was going to happen when the pope is reaching out to hug this little girl. >> right. this anti-deportation group came
4:12 am
all the way from los angeles. and their intent was to get the pope's notice. and by giving her the t-shirt and the letter to give to the pope, ultimately, they accomplished their goal. but you know, it is quite a picture. >> it sure is. >> and that is the story behind the story. >> so is sophie cruz looking right now. >> all right meanwhile the pope also yesterday was talking about religious liberty. >> kentucky clerk kim davis breaking her silence right here on fox news. >> it's a valid point. it's a fight that's worth fighting for. >> there is more from the cable news exclusive with that clerk fighting for religious freedom straight ahead. >> and is pope francis a false prophet? judge napolitano says it looks that way so far. he will join us next. >> and that's the west front of the capitol where thousands are gathering for the pope.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
looking live, as you can see this is a shot from the u.s. capitol down toward the mall, where in less than two hours
4:17 am
pope francis will arrive on a historic visit to congress. he's going to be the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of the senate and the house of representatives. you'll see it all live right here on fox. but from criticizing capitalism to absolving abortions and easing annulments pope francis has drawn a lot of criticism for straying away from the traditional teachings of the catholic church. is he doing more to further a far less agenda than to save his follower's souls? fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is catholic and has written an opinion piece on the pope's controversial news. he joins us from the office building on capitol hill. judge, in your op-ed today you say that the pope is taking the church in dangerous directions. how so? >> in a couple of ways. first of all, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a very, very festive time and a festive place and the capitol is welcoming him with open arms. but people need to realize the political motivations behind this pope from latin america.
4:18 am
he's harshly critical of capitalism. he's staunchly in favor of redistribution of wealth. he's absolutely associating the moral authority of the papacy to the untested and questionable green science of al gore. in terms of discipline in the church, he's made it easier for people to have abortions because absolution is easier. easier for people to get annulments because you don't need a trial anymore. you can just get it administratively. attacking the culture of life. and attacking the family are two favorite targets of the left, particularly the latin american left, and i felt compelled to articulate this this morning. >> well, judge, when it comes to catholic doctrine, you, you know, admittedly you are a hard-liner when it comes to it. but when you look at what the pope is trying to do, where if you had a divorce, and it would be easier for you to have communion or when you were younger and you had an abortion and you now feel that that's a
4:19 am
mistake and you want to amend it, i think that's a good thing. i think, you know, it shows the mercy. people can change their minds. they can have a change of soul. >> you know, history will tell whether or not it's a good thing. but people need to recognize what's happening right before our eyes. and when the pope puts the moral authority of the papacy behind arguments like the reason we have poor people is because we have too many rich. the rich have too much wealth. that's an inappropriate use of the papacy. he's basically arguing that to be a good catholic you have to accept his economics. the pope is a vicar of christ on earth, i respect that and i believe it with all my heart. he's infallible on matter of faith and morals. thank god it's just faith and morals. because his economics is a latin american version of marxism which simply is inconsistent with prosperity in the west. >> well, i tell you what -- >> now i have to go to confession, steve. >> yeah, good luck with that. they know you in jersey.
4:20 am
all right judge napolitano, if you want to read this op-ed, it's interesting. go to -- i believe it's going to be on and at the, as well. all right, judge did you notice how when you just laughed it echoed through all of capitol hill? >> yes. the cnn people who are right next to us are complaining bitterly and they're accusing me of doing it intentionally. >> what did you say? >> i'm going to be -- i'm going to be on the floor of the house of representatives when he speaks in a few hours, and john boehner has told me not to laugh. >> really? i don't know what he's talking about. i think it sounds great. judge, thank you very much. >> all the best, stevie. >> okay. >> who needs fingerprint, we've got a laugh print on that guy. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the texas teenager arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school now wants to sue. but there's a big twist this morning. it may not be the first time this has happened.
4:21 am
and you saw it just a few minutes ago, we drove up in a popemobile. we're going to take you inside the pope's ride. good morning, todd.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
24 minutes after the hour, and you are taking a live look at capitol hill. and that is where the pope is just hours away from addressing congress. so what's better than a papal edition of your news by the numbers. first the number is 30. that's how many people are in the pope's entourage. it includes clergy employees with the vatican's press office and also his trusty translator. $175. that's just one of the deals that ticket scalpers are offering for tickets to see the
4:25 am
pope. of course the tickets were originally supposed to be given out for free. but some selling these instead. this deal, the seller even threw in some rosary beads. and finally, $85. that's how much it will cost you to fly right over the gridlock in manhattan while the pope is here. blade is a company that offers helicopter rides in the new york area. it will fly people across town during rush hour tomorrow. and they just might need it. steve, let's head outside to you. >> all right. thank you very much. you think that his holiness would be travelling in a big limo, in style. but you'd be wrong. check out the pontiff's poped up ride. it's a dressed down, frugal fiat 500l. just like the one we've got, we're standing in front of right here, live in our new york studios. ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to introduce you to the guy from ramsey fiat, todd van duran. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> fiat usa have any idea the pope was going to show up and start driving around in their car? >> i don't believe so, no.
4:26 am
we called them and they had no idea. it was something that he picked. it was his doing. he decided he wanted to drive around in this car. >> it's incredible. what features about it. we can talk about how accessible it is. we're going to hop inside. is it the price point and how much you can see from the inside? we were surprised how much visibility you have. >> it's got great views. it's got high glass, plenty of room inside of it. >> you've got an american -- >> -- discover an old chrysler now. >> there's been some speculation that the fiat that the pope is in has some special bulletproof qualities to it. can you put that to rest? is this something that has not happened? >> i called fiat. they said as far as they know it's just a regular vehicle. >> could you actually do a confession in the back where -- >> you could. >> the pope could just do that. >> you want to tell it? >> if the pope's there. >> you could do it. >> come around this side. let's show the folks exactly the view that the pope has. this is the seat.
4:27 am
>> come on in. >> where the pope sits. and elizabeth's right there. >> you be the pope. >> elizabeth you sit right there. >> okay. >> the thing about leg room, the thing is there's a lot of head room. >> a lot of head room, yes. >> this is actually quite comfortable back here. i don't feel squished. how many people could fit in here do you think? >> how many? >> well it's five passenger. >> oh, really? let's try it. let's see how many people we can get in the car. joe, come on. christena, come on over here. i'll tell you what -- come on over here. come on. what's your name? there you go. just some lady who -- >> in the back seat. >> don't worry about your purse. >> slide over elizabeth. >> okay. all right. >> you know what? let's give a count. oh, man. >> we got -- in the front seat we got four in the back. >> comfortable? >> i mean this is comfy, yeah.
4:28 am
>> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, too. >> we have seven. >> come on! >> it seats seven. >> do you have a seat belt on? >> he's getting out of the fiat, from the popemobile. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> just somebody walking down. hey todd, by the way, at ramsey fiat. >> thank you very much for bringing her by. >> oh, thanks. >> what a great ride. >> all right. meanwhile, heather tell us what's coming up next. >> only on "fox & friends," how much fun we're all having this morning. 28 minutes after the hour. this is not what you wanted to hear this morning. the feds lost just more than 5 million personal files on americans. so who has them? we'll tell you about that straight ahead. and you know it when you hear it. that song that just makes you feel good. i still like a little white snake myself. now experts know why. we're playing your favorite feel-good tunes, coming up next. ♪ are you still getting heartburn flare-ups?
4:29 am
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orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. ♪ a lot of happy people on the west front of the capitol waiting for the pope. >> they sure are. and get this, scientists have actually found the formula for music that makes you feel good. an example of it is the '70s hit don't stop me now by queen. they say if it's 150 beats per minute, combined with great lyrics, the song is scientifically proven to make you feel good. >> others have said the beach boy's good vibrations, billy joel's uptown girl which makes him feel bad because of the end of his marriage to christie brinkley. >> but he's still making money off of it. >> did he ever fix the car in that video? >> no, he doesn't.
4:33 am
>> would an uptown girl ever fall for a mechanic? >> a downtown guy. >> we asked you what your favorite great songs are. happy songs. barry says my happy song, walking on sunshine, by katrina and the waves. listen. ♪ walking on sunshine whoa and don't it feel good ♪ >> he's right. >> that's a good one. >> kenneth said here's my favorite song, ac/dc's all night long from the album back in black. ♪ >> that's pretty strong. >> hard core. >> most of our audience are metalheads. my favorite feel good song, my favorite feel-good song is
4:34 am
feelin' it by scott mccreary. >> oh! >> wow. ♪ ♪ sunblock blocking >> i think that may be too slow but it's all up to what you like. >> we're going create our own feelin' good play list today at "fox & friends" and we can't wait to share more of your feel-good songs today. >> obviously you become a scientist, are you disciplined or happy to get this assignment? >> i think it's interesting. you know, what makes people feel different ways about different things? >> they try to quantify it? >> it's like taking a poll in politics. and political outsiders continue to rule the republican race for president. brand-new fox news poll came out last night at 6:00 p.m. showed donald trump, ben carson and carly fiorina are still leading the pack. >> guess what? marco rubio's surging. garrett tenney is live in washington with the details.
4:35 am
interesting poll, garrett. >> it is, guys. life is good right now if you're a political outsider in the gop presidential race. in that latest spot, the poll on the 2016 race 62% of republican primary voters say they feel betrayed by the party establishment. it's no coincidence then that three of the top four candidates have never held elected office. donald trump still leads the way with 26% followed by ben carson at 18, and then both carly fiorina and marco rubio coming in at 9%. then ted cruz is no stranger to clashing with party leaders, he's up next with 8%. while jeb bush drops to a new low with 7%. back in august, he had as much as 15%. voters also weighed in on last week's debate at the reagan library, and it wasn't even close. with voters saying carly fiorina easily had the best performance, and that wave of momentum has been showing up for fiorina along the campaign trail, as well.
4:36 am
>> the rise in the polls. of course my name might be growing, and as my name grows as people get to know me they tend to support me. so we're seeing a big uptick in our crowds, in our fund-raising, in interest and support and obviously that's really gratifying. >> when it comes to donald trump's straight talk, 65% of voters say trump just tells it like it is. in a general election, though, that straight talk may be a liability, where overall 49% of voters find him too mean, and blund. on the democrat side clinton hits a new low of 44%. but still leads the way, ahead of bernie sanders with 30%, and still unannounced vice president joe biden gets his highest numbers to date with 18%. still early, though, and a lot can happen on both sides. back to you all in new york. >> the guy, biden, and he's not in -- >> he will be. >> just to see marco rubio sit there pretty solidly.
4:37 am
he's saying i like being in the middle of the pack. don't want to peak too early. >>s and numbers so far outside a bump. >> a number of pundits said after the last debate donald trump was going to go down. he actually went up one point. >> 23 minutes before the top of the hour. heather's got the news. >> you all remember that hack attack that happened at the office of personal management. we are learning this thing has gotten a whole lot worse. hackers stealing more than 5.6 million fingerprints from that agency. now this is considered to especially shocking considering the number of fingerprints initially thought to have been stolen with just 1 million. well this breach is part of that massive hack attack of federal files. it affects more than 21 million people. u.s. officials have privately said that the chinese government is responsible for that breach. well the kentucky clerk jailed for five days after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses is defending her actions after her request to stall that case is denied. kim davis telling our megyn
4:38 am
kelly that the fight is still about her religious beliefs, and she will not back down. >> you have millions of christians who object this whole same-sex marriage issue. are their rights invalid? are their rights not worth anything? i mean, it's a vol id point and it's a fight that's worth fighting for. >> well, davis requesting a stay in that case. arguing that the couples who sued her did receive licenses. and she should not have to issue any more. well the judge denied that request. >> well the texas teenager arrested when his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb at school is finding getting some legal help now. mohamed ahmed's family just hired attorneys to pursue his legal rights, as they call it, and get his clock back from the police. they claim the 14-year-old was severely traumatized by that incident. and now we're learning that his older sister may have gotten in trouble for building a similar-looking device back in 2009.
4:39 am
she claims she was wrongly suspended after a classmate accused her of plotting to blow up the school. wow. we'll hear a lot more about that one, that's for sure. we told you earlier this week about the high school football player saved by his apple watch. we now have gotten news this morning that he has landed an internship with the company. 17-year-old paul was rushed to the hospital when the device detected his skyrocketing heart rate. he was treated for a potentially deadly muscle condition. when apple's ceo tim cook heard his story he called to offer a summer internship at apple's california headquarters. way to go. and those are your headlines. glad for that young man, doing okay. >> all right. thank you. >> oh, you're not wearing it -- >> i'm not wearing it today because i forgot to charge it for two days and it looked at me and said you've got to charge it. >> you have to charge it pretty day? >> oh, pretty much. i can only go a day and a half without charging. >> tomorrow you'll be wearing it again? hopefully the weather will be good. until then maria molina.
4:40 am
we've had gorgeous weather in the capital. what's to come today? certainly washington, d.c. has been enjoying gorgeous days while the pope is in town. >> yeah, they're enjoying beautiful weather. and that's forecast to continue throughout the day today and also across parts of the northeast. and early this morning we have temperatures that are not bad at all across the northeast. 64 degrees right now in new york city. but as we head farther west across the rockies early this morning it's on the chilly side. 50s and 40s right now but they are going to be climbing out there. temperatures forecast to be above average. upper 80s forecast across portions of utah. meanwhile across the plains and parts of the south temperatures still feeling like summer into the 90s and also into the upper 80s. we are expecting this area of low pressure to kind of continue to produce some issues across parts of the southeastern u.s. you can see that for today, we're forecasting some areas of heavy rain across south carolina and georgia. some localized flash flooding will be possible and flash flooding also a concern across parts of the central plains with another storm system that's on the move. back inside. >> all right, maria, thank you very much.
4:41 am
well, pope francis has an address to congress. you're going to see it on fox. will he push real religious teaching or perhaps a political agenda in disguise some wonder? father jonathan morris joins us live from capitol hill coming up next. and forget old-fashioned ways of sneaking across the border. smugglers have something new. that's let them -- actually have them creeping under the radar. maybe not. first the "fox & friends" question of the day. born on this day in 1946 this former pro football player is known for saying, hey kid, catch, in a 1979 commercial for coca-cola. who he is? be the first to e-mail us you'll get a prize. >> look at this.
4:42 am
hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ ♪ another tie.
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4:45 am
all right. a quarter before the top of the hour. quick look at some headlines. check out the lengths drug dealers will go to, putting 15,000 pounds of cocaine in a submarine. that's an estimated 227 million dollars worth of illegal drugs. after arresting the smugglers, the coast guard sunk the sub. and can you spot the tiny chihuahua stuck in the tree? i'm looking. the pup's name petra clieped up 25 feet but could not make her way back down. oh, i see it now. she was rescued by animal control officers in california. down, down. >> great work by them. you're looking now at a live look at capitol hill where pope francis will address congress
4:46 am
just hours from now. the question, will he get political in his first address before the american people. >> it seems clear to me, also, that climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generations. >> so what can we expect today? joining us live from capitol hill, fox news religion correspondent father jonathan morris. an extraordinary set of days here before us, father. thank you for being with us. as you sit there, what are your -- what's your anticipation of what the pope will address today in that joint meeting for the first time in front of congress? >> he'll be speaking in english. as we saw in that clip it's not his first language so it's not that easy. so i think it will be short. it will be short and it will be to the point. what are the things that he's talking about? he's talking about, number one, getting back to the foundational principles of our country.
4:47 am
as he mentioned right at the beginning of his speech yesterday in front of the white house. he'll talk about religious liberty. i think bill o'reilly did a great job of pointing that out and what a big deal that is. religious liberty not only in the united states, but also -- but also around the world. that means places like iraq, and syria, et cetera. he'll also talk about immigration. and he'll say learn to have a more humane treatment of those who are searching for a better home. he'll also talk about climate change no doubt and he'll talk about the leadership role of the united states. >> father jonathan when you heard the pope speaking we had a couple of images. we had the little girl sophia cruz that he actually picked up, obviously a visual there in his humanity. we also heard him speaking to the president, talking about the protection and preservation of religious liberty. was that a shot at the president? >> well, it's -- he's very open to saying these are principles, they might have political consequences. deal with them. do something. i think what he's telling us is,
4:48 am
get back to the basics. i was with a police officer here who told me, father, it's only because of him that i'm staying within the church. and he said because -- i said well why? he said, well he just says it like it is and he says get back to the basics. do what you already know you should do. it's a very simple message. he'll then be going and passing out food and being with 200 homeless. he's telling us to get our hands messy, to get them dirty serving those who don't have the opportunities we do. >> of course. and by will, not mandate, i'm sure, is what -- rather jonathan, will he be -- >> that's a good point. >> will he be direct with those members of congress, the democrats, 177 of them, who have not gotten in the way of late-term abortions? will he look at them and speak for the dignity of the unborn? >> well, in cuba, something that surprised that he didn't cover much, he looked out at all the women there and he said how many of you are pregnant. and he said take your hands and put your hands on your stomachs, and protect the baby, protect
4:49 am
your baby. that's pretty direct. now, he has this way of being -- whoever he is with he talks to them as if they're the only ones listening. sometimes he will attempt to use the bully pulpit and talk to somebody else, it's not his style. it's about an encounter of culture. i'm with you. i'm talking to you. and so i hope he is direct. we'll see. >> well, what a special set of days, again, father jonathan morris, it has to feel extraordinary for you and we thank you for your time today. >> thank you, elisabeth. >> we got it. now coming up, a world record for -- world record holder for crunching numbers says kids are learning math all the wrong way. what? the human calculator joining us live with the secret that can make anyone a math whiz. next. i can't wait. but first, 1984, let's go crazy by prince was the number one song in america.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
and now to the "fox & friends" question of the day. joe greene, mean joe greene is the man, and he's 69 years old today. happy birthday mean joe. our winner is lucas from boston. someone toss him a jersey and give him george washington's secret. might even sign the envelope. >> won't be so mean. >> i hope not. nowadays we have calculators and computers to do the math for us. but our next guest a calculator -- just slows him down. he holds the world record for his 234u78 beurre crunching skills and now we're going to put him to the test. joining us is the human calculator. >> thanks for having me back. really honored. >> where are we going to start? >> i think maria's going to
4:54 am
assist us. we're going to see if we can, with calculators actually beat scott. >> okay. >> you know, the whole issue is to teach other kids who get just as excited. >> that's all i do is go all over the world to help kids make math fun and understand it and help teachers and parents. >> okay. >> question number one is 58x63. >> 3,654. >> nope. >> yes. >> 3,654, that's right. >> what's the next one -- >> hold on. >> got it clear. >> question number two is 684 divided by 14. >> 14.85714275 -- >> down to the decimal. >> did you prelog the answers into our casios? >> the third and final question is what is 65% of 1295. >> hmm. >> 841.75. >> wow. >> yeah. >> okay. >> that's a tough one. last one. >> how did he do that?
4:55 am
>> ever since i was a kid i would learn something in math and then i would sit there and figure out patterns and easier ways to get the answer. by third and fourth grade i was teaching my teachers better strategies on how to get the answers. the first one in third grade our teacher had numbers on the board to add up and she told us to start on the right and carry and i wasn't listening so i started on the left and did the tens first. 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 53. she said you're faster than i could do it. i figured out teachers don't know everything. they're just doing the best they can. and i believe there's better ways, and better strategies and techniques on how to introduce our kids to numbers. so i created a whole curriculum that's just to get kids to understand numbers. then our teachers can teach them math. >> where do we find that? >> my website is th the i have ways to understand them. >> i can't relate to that, what is your answer? >> i disagree. i've been visiting schools for
4:56 am
25 years. i've seen over 1 million kids in person. i believe there's a simple way to show kids numbers that turns on the calculator on their brain. the nine things. everybody watching, think of your age. all right. now add those two digits to the, and take that total, and subtract it from your age. the answer you get should be a number that adds up to nine. how old are you now? >> 51. >> 5 and 1 is 6. 51 take away 6 is 45. that answer 4 and 5 adds up to 9. it works for every number up to infinity. my goal is to reach every 9-year-old on the planet earth. whatever numbers they see they will go back to their age, the number 9. it will make them feel like numbers are their friends. >> all the rule of nines. >> and 9-year-olds want to look at that. scott the human calculator. check out his website. >> world math day is next week sponsored by microsoft. you've got to sign up your schools, your kids, it's free, it's fun, it's safe. >> you are the answer to common
4:57 am
core. >> i hope so. >> nine million kids this year. >> thank you guys for having me. >> meanwhile, guarding the streets of all these venues in washington, d.c. to see the pope's historic visit. will they get to see him? elizabeth's mom was there. how do i know? look at them. mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ♪ bass pro shops is the place for incredible savings. like savings of 25% on bass pro camo hoodies. and clean up with plano sportsman's storage trunks and totes starting at just $10. bass pro shops.
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good morning to you. it is thursday, september 24th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. hours from now, for the first time ever, pope francis will address a joint meeting of congress. we are live in washington with the latest for you. targeted by a sniper. >> i think my window just got shot. >> okay are you injured? >> i don't feel anything because i just got so scared because i just heard a big bang and the window shattered. >> wow. the 911 call just released. and judge napolitano already getting into trouble this morning.
5:01 am
>> -- to the with their fellow ns -- >> there you got the pope yesterday. wait until you hear the warning speaker boehner gave judge napolitano. what was it? sit down! we got another hour of "fox & friends." well, coming up in just a matter of moments, something special. elisabeth's mom and dad are going to be on the show. >> they are. >> by the way, i've never seen you so nervous. >> i'm so excited. >> they're our reporters now. steve your son's reporting. >> you're all down there with the pope. >> they were down there for the mass yesterday, and the graduates of catholic university are going to join us today and give us all the inside scoop. i can't wait to talk to them. but first, right to that fox news alert for you. a live look right now at capitol hill. where in just a few hours pope
5:02 am
francis will become the first reigning pontiff to address a joint meeting of congress. this is a big, big deal. mike emanuel is live at capitol hill with much more for you. good morning to you, mike. >> elisabeth, good morning once again. security personnel started allowing folks in here about three hours ago. you can see the lawn behind me, out of the west part of the capitol, is filling in rather nicely with the 50,000 ticket holders taking their places on the lawn where this historic event, speaker boehner says pope francis transcends the usual bickering here in washington politics. his advice to members is that they should sit back, listen, open their hearts, and then reflect on his example. next hour, 9:20 or so the pope and his owe feshl delegation are set to enter the capitol through the entrance. speaker boehner welcomes the hope at 9:25. at 9:46 the speaker will call the house to order and at 10:01 the house sergeant of arms will
5:03 am
announce mr. speaker the pope of the holy see. the first person getting a prime spot inside the house cham is texas democrat congresswoman sheila jackson lee. we see this on state of the union days where members get there plenty of hours ahead to try to get the prime spot to get face time on camera as the vip makes his or her way in to the house chamber. bottom line, sheila jackson lee wants to get a little face time with the pontiff. and we know that the pope will be speaking in english to members of congress, and there will be no teleprompters for this address. elisabeth? >> excellent. mike, thank you so much for that. this is an extraordinary day for sure. you know, something the pope did get political in his speech on the white house lawn. he actually talked directly to president obama about the importance of religious freedom and he did not spare words. watch this. >> mr. president, together with the citizens, american catholics
5:04 am
are committed to building a society which is truly tolerant and inclusive safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities, and rejecting every form of injustice, discrimination. with countless other people of goodwill, they are likewise concerned that efforts to build a just and wisely ordered society respect their deepest concerns and the right to religious liberty. >> the right to religious liberty. there are a number of newspapers that are talking today about how the pope got political when it comes to climate change. a change, and immigration and things like that. but when he talks about religious liberty, he is taking
5:05 am
a shot bill o'reilly says directly at our president. >> now that's a shot at president obama. and his belief that americans should be forced to fund abortions, and to perform services against their religious beliefs. the gay marriage controversy comes to mind. the pope did this very gently. but that point was directed at mr. obama himself. >> he said mr. president. so there's no nuance there. it's pretty clear. >> the pope made an unscheduled stop to meet with little sisters of the poor. rememb remember, they had a dispute over the affordable care mandate. they had their employers mandate they provide contraception coverage. >> the kentucky clerk kim davis, gay marriage, abourse, affordable care act. there's a lot involved with religious liberty. when you look at the people amassed on the west side of the u.s. capitol, yesterday in the
5:06 am
shadow of the basilica, catholic university, elisabeth, were a couple of alumni from catholic. >> that's right. they met their. probably shared their first few kisses right around the same area. my mom and dad made a road trip down to d.c. to see the pope's first mass. they're on the phone right now. hi, mom, hi, dad. >> hello, elisabeth. >> i love you both. >> you, too. hi, steve, hi, brian. >> hello. how was your trip? >> fun. >> how was the pope? >> just amazing. it was great. >> how many times did you cry? >> about five. >> dad, is she underestimating that number? how many times did she really cry. >> probably multiplied by four. >> okay. i knew i'd get the truth out of you. mom i was comparing you to the equivalent of a teenage girl getting ready for a one direction concert yesterday. >> i heard that missy. >> missy. >> what did you think about that comment? >> well, i was excited.
5:07 am
but i guess your comparison is okay. but, i didn't quite get it. but that's okay. >> that's okay. all you should think about is excitement. you could say when the beatles landed with british invasion. let's talk about the pope's invasion. what did you think about the mass? the feeling inside? >> the mass was -- was almost perfect. and you know, you would think with 25,000 people there, that it would be noisy, or crowded or any of those things that would take away from the mass. but everyone was very respectful. there was a lot of excitement. but it was a very calming excitement. >> mom. hey mom, anyone who knows you well and i hope i'm not oversharing knows how both you and dad, i know religion and your christianity has gotten us through so many times as a
5:08 am
family. what did it mean to be there in the presence of the pope? i mean this is a woman just so everyone knows, she will light a candle for you. if there's anything going on in your life my mom is lighting a candle for you. mom, what did it mean to you personally? >> for me, it was -- it was like being, actually being with pope francis. even though we weren't up there close to the altar, we weren't that far, but the man is just so reverent and so simple, and reaches out to people that you feel that he's with you. i don't know if i can explain that. >> no, we get that. >> now, kenneth i believe you are an architect that elisabeth has told me in the past. what did you think about the -- how they designed everything to get the people as close as they could to the pope? >> i was -- i was thinking about that in my mind going down, because actually, when i was going to school, the architecture students were not -- they weren't in love with
5:09 am
the design of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. but the way that the setting was, i was talking to our friends last night, it was perfect. it was just a wonderful backdrop, and the way that the university and the security people handled everything, it made everybody feel comfortable. made everybody feel at home, even though this was a very major event with a lot of people there. >> wow. hey, mom and dad, thanks for waking up with us this morning. i know you do most of the time anyway. but to talk to you like this is so special. i love you both. be safe on your way home and thanks for sharing the inside look. >> you're welcome. you're welcome, elisabeth. >> thank you, elisabeth. >> did you get a pope t t-shirt? >> no. >> heather nauert who is going to join us now for some headlines, she brought some gifts for us from her tour. >> you're going to regift it to your mother? >> if it's okay for heather i'm going to regift my mini action figure pope to my mom and dad. is that okay? >> oh, thank you! thank you very much! >> love you mom.
5:10 am
dad! >> love you, too. >> oh. great to hear from the filarskis this morning. >> you've got me covered with the gift my friend. >> certainly do, no problem. all right good morning to you all. got a fox news alert right now. the investigation into whether or not intelligence on isis has changed my senior officials at central command is now growing this morning. bloomberg is reporting that there are now multiple investigations within the intelligence community and congress, looking into claims made by a whistle-blower that senior officials made them alter intelligence to make the war against isis look like it's going better than it is. they will also look in to whether or not intel tampering predates the war on isis. well, also breaking this from the stampede in saudi arabia has just increased. at least 453 people are now dead at a camp in nina that is just outside the muslim holy city of mecca where many were camped out before they actually went to mecca. an estimated 2 million people were there taking part in the
5:11 am
traditional hajj pilgrimage when that stampede happened. and for the first time back here at home we are hearing the 911 calls from drivers whose windows were shot out along one of arizona's busiest highways. take a listen to this. >> i was in the middle lane, and out of nowhere it was just a loud boom, exploded, and i mean, literally, i had glass flying through the truck. and all over me. >> that happening on i-10. a major thoroughfare through phoenix. this comes as police there officially charge suspect leslie merritt jr. he now faces 16 felonies. investigators forensically linking the 21-year-old to the gun that was used in the first four shootings. other suspects are still under investigation. and no laughing matter here. a senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano joined us earlier on "fox & friends" this morning to talk about the pope. he's down in washington right now. and then this happened. take a listen.
5:12 am
>> judge napolitano. judge did you notice how when you just laughed it echoed through all of capitol hill? >> yes. the cnn people who are right next to us are complaining bitterly and they're accusing me of doing it intentionally. >> i think it sounds great. >> you can hear it all, right? of course, probably cracking some windows, too. judge napolitano said house speaker john boehner warned him not to laugh during the pope's address to congress. and those are your headlines. somebody might think it's the devil if they heard that. >> generally he doesn't write laugh lines into his addresses. so -- >> true. >> this speech isn't going to be a knee slapper. >> he does -- >> thank you, judge. >> we'll be listening for that. meanwhile coming up, why the ben carson muslim comment is the perfect example of media bias. and it's not what you think. and all the ladies wanted
5:13 am
his number when they saw the hot guy in the background. at the latest republican debate. now the candidates want his number, too? just wait until you hear why. >> plus first a live look at the capitol hill where thousands are waiting for just a glimpse, just a glimpse of the pope. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. in study after study, advil is unsurpassed in pain relief. nothing is proven stronger on aches and pains than advil. not tylenol. not aleve. nothing. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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5:17 am
ben carson, under fire for those controversial comments, saying the american president should not be muslim. >> neurosurgeon ben carson is embroiled in the kind of controversy usually reserved for trump. >> hillary clinton wading into a very hot button issue, announcing her opposition to the keystone pipeline. a decision that already has republicans pouncing. >> she said the project will not help in the fight against climate change. >> wow. so while ben carson gets hammered for his answer on whether he would support a muslim president. by the way there is none running. hillary clinton gets a pass in the mainstream media for her opposition to the keystone pipeline. in fact on tuesday night the networks' evening newscast spent zero minutes on the clinton e-mail scandal. this is a huge story. the same day reports said the state department and hillary disagree about why she handed them over. so why is clinton getting a pass? here to talk about it is
5:18 am
columnist and radio talk show host adriana cohen. i am surprised by this. are you? >> absolutely. the media's focus should be on hillary clinton blocking the -- saying she's going to block the keystone pipeline. what they should be educating the public on is the clinton foundation has accepted millions of dollars from exxon mobil and half a dozen other major oil companies. so if she truly is against fossil fuels, then why is she accepting massive million dollar checks from the very same oil companies? >> so now you have a situation, too, where this e-mail scandal is being investigated by the fbi, and reports by multiple news organizations shows that they've found her using, it seems to be, a business pile and a personal pile, within the e-mail server that they now have been able to recover documents. some of those documents if deleted after they were told not to, after a subpoena, could land her in jail. but that didn't seem to be a big deal on the nightly news. >> absolutely. i mean there you go again.
5:19 am
it shows media bayous in mainstream media. this is a huge story. our national security is so much more important than some off-the-cuff comment that dr. ben carson made regarding a muslim president. i mean, hillary clinton, as you know, created this private e-mail server system, which jeopardized our national security. we know hackers have already gotten into it. and the fact that the fbi right now has uncovered deleted e-mails, that can be very detrimental to her campaign. and it could also land her in jail, as you mentioned, because if she deleted e-mails after the congressional review on benghazi, they issued a subpoena for that information, if she destroyed it, that's obstruction of evidence of justice. >> it is. and by the way, just looking into nightly news, clinton got one minute on nbc and none on the other two. so her scandal is nonexistent on the three major networks which aren't quite as major. adriana cohen, thanks so much. >> great to be with you. coming up straight ahead we
5:20 am
move ahead. this is not the traffic jam anyone expected. >> are you kidding me? >> yeah, wait till you hear who was flying that plane. or driving. and he died in a hiking accident then came back to life. this man now a minister here to tell us what he saw on the other side. and it wasn't just heaven. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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i'm a gas service my nrepresentative. n. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot
5:23 am
forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. at 23 minutes past the top of the hour we have some quick headlines for you now. think you've seen some crazy stuff on the road? well watch this. >> are you kidding me? >> well, we're going to have to watch it again in slo-mo right
5:24 am
there. oh, yes, it's a bird it is a plane! drivers can't believe their eyes as a small plane makes an emergency landing on a busy california road. the student pilot and the instructor thankfully were not hurt. >> because they got the light. >> go with the green. one of the worst parts about flying could get a whole lot better. a united states company has designed airplane seats that slide away from the aisles so boarding with carry-ons can be easier. the aisle grows by two feet giving passengers plenty of room to get on and off the plane. what about that? >> that's a good idea. >> experiencing death on the side of a mountain taught our next guest that dying is only the beginning. our guest is reverend peter the author of a brarnd-new book called heaven is beautiful. he joins us live in new york city appropriately as the pope is down in washington making his way here. tell us about what happened, march 1980. there you are on an ice climb, and being brand new at it, you
5:25 am
did a bad job. >> i did. i made a miscalculation in my equipment and i chose to use one ax in my left hand an a hammer, much shorter device in my right, because i couldn't find another ax. because i was a college student and didn't want to buy one, and it delayed our climb, significantly to the point where at sunset we talked our climb and all the other teams climbing that day had already left. and we were beginning our hypothermia at that point. >> and you say you died on the side of that mountain. >> i did. i crossed over and came back. what happened was on our third rappel down, the last rappel, the hypothermia had advanced to the point of being hot, and then went to sleep. and i've been trained as some time as a ski patrol at that point for quite a number of years and had dealt with it before, watched my progress. and the last time i began to fall asleep and fall off my
5:26 am
perch, i was harnessed in so i didn't fall far. it was like a cartoon at the end and i watched the fade to black. and i wondered what was going on. and i felt myself fall, and i felt myself hit the mountain, and i didn't fall asleep, and i was wondering why i wasn't asleep and i saw in front of me where, with my eyes closed, of the essence of death. i don't know what else to describe it as. it was a force that came at me, that i knew immediately wanted to take me. and i put up my reserve of my will, what was left from my struggle all night long against it, and it was -- it just took me. and the next thing i knew, i was in a greater darkness. that i could see in every direction and could hear everything. i had no ears. i had no eyes. i had no body. i was a soul being, and i heard my name called from deep inside of me. >> by whom?
5:27 am
>> well, i knew immediately it was god. and that god was right next to me. but i couldn't see god. i could see everything else. but not that. and the voice had no sound and it had no language, and it wasn't male or female. but it called my real name that i knew as soon as i heard it called. and i was infilled with beauty and truth and love and hope and compassion. and it was all one thing. >> was this heaven? >> it was heaven inside me. it was heaven inside me and then i went through hell. immediately in timelessness, there's no time, i suffered all of the pain that i'd caused my entire life and given to other people. >> what do you mean you felt this pain? >> i felt their pain. >> how? how? what did you feel? >> terror. suffering. hurt. immense guilt. >> peter, how long -- okay, you were dead.
5:28 am
and eventually you were revived. you are here today. >> i wasn't revived. i was given the opportunity to come back. >> explain that. what do you mean? >> well, i after i went through hell and god forgive me, everything, knew me, loved me, as i am, total forgiveness, i was reinfilled with this beauty and this love, and i said am i dead and a voice said yes you're dead and i said well i can't die. i said, my sister from our family's point of view, she had run away but my mother had suffered a greatly from this and i couldn't lose another child for my parents. so god showed me, took me, showed me all of earth and every human being on it and said in the way that i love you now, i've always loved you. and love everyone the same. >> peter, you spent your whole life since then trying to figure out what that was all about. you wound up going to yale divinity scn a pastor up in maine. you've searched for this. why do you think it -- and it's
5:29 am
interesting because with the pope down in washington, you don't always see god in a church. you can see him in nature, why do you think you were given the opportunity to come back? >> i spent a good part of my life thinking about that. and i think that i'm one small voice among many other voices from near-death people to speak the truth of the reality of god's meaning. >> to come and share this story with us. >> are you afraid to die? >> oh, no. no. and i say that having just had a heart attack four weeks ago, where i was critical and rushed to the hospital, and was completely unafraid. >> you're ready? >> yes. >> how are you now? >> i was the fittest guy in my town other than having a heart attack. >> you got to read his book. it is called kwgsz heaven is beautiful" how dying taught me death is just the beginning. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me very much. >> good day to hear this story. >> god bless you both. >> meanwhile coming up. you know the conservative kid famous for his critiques of the white house.
5:30 am
remember? >> mr. president, what are your [ inaudible ] here? >> you know what? he just got blocked from president obama's twitter. c.j. pearson speaking out this morning. >> and we now know why judge jeanine pirro looks so good. it's her family recipes that's why. we are cooking with friends next. >> tabbouleh, i say. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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♪ baby i love you >> that, ladies and gentlemen, is the pope mobile. we got todd van duran to our left from ramsey fiat to bring one in. we don't know exactly why the pope decided to select this car.
5:34 am
it is a car of the people. we did try to see how many people we could fit into it. with our camera guy in the trunk we could actually fit in the fiat 500l, eight people. >> incredible. now we know why the pope likes to ride in one. you could see everything from it. >> a lot of head room. >> i love the car. >> it was pretty good. >> i'm just curious, are people going to run to it? people are going to run to it. >> so many people have bought fiats in the past. meanwhile as you're looking live people are in attendance waiting to hear from the pope just outside the u.s. capitol. >> the historic visit to the united states being celebrated, of course, with hugs, handshakes and a whole lot of selfies. >> yeah. i mean, a lot of congressmen and women were able to bring some guests. heather is here with a look at the pontiff, the schedule, and the media storm surrounding him at the capital. >> yes, it is headed our way. and of course it means a whole
5:35 am
lot more selfies. huge crowds of people gathered in washington, d.c. yesterday. all hoping to get just a glimpse of pope francis, and of course, they want to remember the historic visit. the way we do it these days, a picture. check out anna with the awesome selfie. the pope waving in the background. and then kate snapped this shot, as the pope mobile drove by. that's a good one. and kelly's daughter will always have this memory from the vatican embassy. and look at the 16-year-old in a group of students who actually got to meet the pope right there right next to her at their school. and one of her classmates says this was a dream come true. >> all i said was like, holy father, like, like i love you. and like, can i take a picture with you? he's the only one in the world. and it was very, you know, special, and magical. >> she will never forget that moment.
5:36 am
and on facebook, twitter, instagram they've been using hashtags like #popeindc. and #walkwithfrancis. no doubt we is expect a lot more in the coming days because crowds are expected to be huge here in new york city. >> actually we're going to probably see the pope in about 20 minutes as he leaves the vatican residence and then makes his way throughout northeast washington right to the center of washington, d.c. which is the u.s. capital. >> say hello to heather right now with the headlines for us on this very big day. >> good morning. thanks so much elisabeth. the former miss usa ali landry and her family are grieving this morning. her father-in-law and her brother-in-law were both murdered in mexico after they were held hostage. it was a 16-day ordeal. her film producer husband's father, and his brother, kidnapped in tampico, mexico. despite a ransom being paid for their safety, the two men were found dead in a region known for its cartel violence. well, a fox news alert to
5:37 am
bring you right now. brand-new fox news poll shows that the political you'd ciders are still leading the republican field. donald trump coming in with 26%. dr. ben carson in second with 18%. and carly fiorina, tying with florida senator marco rubio at 9% right there. remember the guy dubbed gop hotty after his accidental appearance in the background of last week's republican debate in california? well he is now in high demand. among republican candidates. tmz is reporting that both carly fiorina and john kasich have reached out to greg caruso, asking for his support on their campaign. well the 24-year-old is an actor from los angeles, whose dad was a big contributor. he still hasn't decided if he'll meet with either of the candidates according to tmz. well 13-year-old c.j. pearson a youtube star who's often been critical of president obama now says that he is being blocked from viewing the president's twitter account. listen to this.
5:38 am
>> i think you don't understand reality. the reality of the situation is that you don't get [ inaudible ] building a clock. >> well he posted the screen grab yesterday showing that the page had been blocked. >> i was completely, completely shocked. when i saw that i was blocked. because the leader of the free world doesn't block american citizens. the leader of the free world doesn't stifle free speech. or at least that's what i thought. >> well the white house denied the allegations. tweeting out, quote, nobody has ever been blocked from the potus twitter account. well pearson says it's outrageous the administration would accuse him of lying. but adds that that block has since been lifted. and those are your headlines. really good food smell over here. >> whether she is ruling the courts, the kitchen, or wherever else she is judge jeanine pirro
5:39 am
is sure to bring her "a" game no matter the location. this morning she's treating us to one of her mediterranean specials. we're so thrilled to have this. >> can i start? can i make my argument? >> yes. >> okay. first of all i am of lebanese descent and what you're looking at is a chicken shish kebab, tabbouleh and hummus. let's start with the shish kebab. what is wrong with that? >> it's all good. >> what could be wrong with it? >> i'm going to guess because things don't cook at the same temperatures and times? >> steve, you are brilliant. that's the whole point. what people do is they put these shish ka bebs on the grill and they expect everything to cook at the same time. >> so tomato cooks faster than the chicken. >> the chicken is going to take five or six minutes. so what you do is you separately skewer everything -- >> you have a fake shish kebab. if you'd like you can do that. >> keep all the peppers together. >> and by the way, you don't jam
5:40 am
them together. you know why? >> they won't cook. >> exactly! the center doesn't cook. and then what you do is you make believe it was all grilled together, and you put it on a plate and it looks beautiful. okay? >> can i ask you what does this mean to you? how far does this go back in the piro tradition? >> my mom, my dad, growing up at home. i mean it is lebanese. >> the tabbouleh smells fantastic. >> how you do make that? >> very simple. it's just salt, pepper, cinnamon, olive oil, lemon, tomatoes, parsley, and -- >> very simple. >> here's the thing. it is so good for you. >> well it's got calcium, it's got fiber in it, and there's -- it's all healthy food. >> tabbouleh? >> and then -- >> gorgeous. >> the hummus over there. >> you eat that all the time? >> hummus. >> you call it humbus. hummus. it has minerals, antioxidants in
5:41 am
it, and it lowers the bad cholesterol. you can eat it with pita chips or you can use celery and just eat it all day long. the one thing about hummus is it kind of keeps you full. you don't get hungry like 30 seconds later. >> it's better than the stuff you buy in stores. >> without a doubt and it's very simple to make. olive oil, lemon, salt, and chic peas. let me tell you about chick peas. you've got to wash the chick peas you know why? it's full of salt. you rinse it, rinse it, rinse it. if you're allergic to salt or you tend to bloat because you have too much salt. not you. then you have to keep rinsing. very important. >> judge, we never get to see this side of you. you're always about business and politics. >> i love to cook. >> you're good at it. >> it's delicious. >> yes, it is. >> thanks for having me on. >> as always. >> love you. >> you, too. >> mom, the swag. >> well done. >> coming up on this thursday, this may be the best trick play yet.
5:42 am
using the ref's head. did he mean to do that? >> oh! >> and members of congress about to hear the pope speak. so what do they want to hear? congressman kelly stopping by our cameras first because he's catholic and went to notre dame. but first a look at the crowds outside. wave so they can't see you. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year.
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quick sports headlines. the coach at a texas high school where two players slammed a referee to the ground admitted he told them to do it. assistant coach mack breed gave them the direction to retaliate for reported racist comments by the ref. the coach is on administrative leave. and more texas football, a player scores an extra point but not before setting the ball in a line right at the referee's head. this was an accident. but the ball went through. it counts.
5:46 am
the ref's hat bounced off, too. he later would pick it up. and that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. meanwhile a fox news alert, in just a short while pope francis will make history on capitol hill, becoming the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. what do members of congress hope to hear from the holy father? >> time to weigh in is congressman mike kelly of pennsylvania, who joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. thanks for having me on. >> congressman what do you expect to hear today? i know it's historic. it's going to be special. what do you think the message is going to be? >> yesterday the calmness descended over the city and it settled in now. i'm thinking the pope is going to deliver a message of mercy and of hope and everything we hold near and dear to us. i'm expecting to hear a little bit about life. the sanctity of life from its beginning to its natural end. i'm expecting to hear about immigration and climate change. i think none of us should be worried or afraid of what the pope has to say. i want to hear what he has to
5:47 am
say. i want to see how we can then use that in our lives to make it better for all the people we represent. >> one of your colleagues, catholic republican from arizona, is going to be boycotting because the pope has -- he says he doesn't need a lecture on climate change. what do you think about that? >> you know what? being a catholic myself i go to confession. and sometimes i don't like what the priest tells me but i take it in and say i've got to make my life better. i've got to work towards that end. colleagues have different views of things. we honor that. but i do. i want to hear everything the pope has to say. we are a nation of great people. and of great faith. and our judeo christian beliefs lead us in a way that other places in the world don't go. so i'm so anxious to hear what the holy father has to say, to bring it in, make it part of our life, and look at how we can incorporate these, all these ideas that he had, all these theories that he had. all the teachings that he had to make it not just a better krer but a better world. >> the opinion of pope francis is high and favorable.
5:48 am
68% find him favorable of catholics. 55% of favorability from all voters. in congress, 33% of congress members are catholic. how do you feel? what's the pulse in congress right now in anticipation of the pope's historic visit to this joint meeting? >> elizabeth as i said earlier, there is such a calmness and such a willingness to learn and to listen. i don't think this is a matter of what clinch you go to. it's what you truly believe, it's christ's teachings. for all of us it's a great opportunity. >> congressman, as we see a major figure like benjamin netanyahu and whatever world figure address congress, people stand, people clap, people sit. are we going to see any of that when climate change happens? are you guys going to sit and the democrats going to stand? >> you know what, i hope we don't see that because to me it's not polarizing. it's something that we look at. we have a certain opinion. we look at science and try to lead in the direction that we think is best for the people we represent. being a graduate much notre
5:49 am
dame, i just can't wait to hear this pope's message and what he has to say and what he brings to the floor of congress in a body that real lly needs to hear froa different perspective of how we can make the world a better place, our country a better place and serve people in the way we are supposed to. >> you see the motorcade making its way towards you right now. i'm looking for the fiat. >> we're going to see that within the next ten minutes. real quick before you go, how many people you haven't heard from for years have contacted you asking for tickets to this? >> it's almost the same as when notre dame was going to play for the national championship. i've got more relatives and more friends say hey you know, can you get me a ticket? it's going to be a big gathering. sofsh's welcome. but we don't have tickets for everybody as you know. >> absolutely. you've got to run to your seat. congressman mike kelly a republican for pennsylvania. thank you very much. >> thanks so much. god bless, guys. >> and that looks to me as if that is on the east face of the
5:50 am
u.s. capitol. >> that's right. >> the pope will be arriving shortly. >> somebody's dry cleaning. >> 9:00 a.m. departure. next behind the scenes of today's speech like who will be standing on this "x." peter doocy is right there live. he's going to tell us next. >> martha maccallum is also live in washington, d.c. and big things happening at the top of the hour, martha. >> they certainly are, steve. good morning to all of you. well it has been three popes, and 20 years of invitations to get to this day for john boehner. he has been waiting for this. and the day has finally arrived. history will be made, and francis, the first pope to ever enter the capitol arrives and addresses congress. it's a big moment so what will he say to this harshly divided body behind us? what impact might the pope have? d.c. is in stellar form as you can see and it awaits the arrival of the pontiff in the house chamber about 30 minutes from now. we will take you here. all of this action this morning live on capitol hill. when account lead craig wilson books at
5:51 am
he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! this is a fox news alert. take a look. that is pope francis, just about a minute ago he came out of the vatican residence in northwest washington, and as you can see, just like yesterday, in fact, for a moment our producers thought this was an image from yesterday. just like yesterday some of the children and some of the people who work on embassy row near the vatican residence have lined up to shake the hand of the pope,
5:52 am
who very shortly is going to leave for capitol hill. >> meeting with children, talking with children, doing things unprompted without the ceremony. and word gets out to the kids, i think it's the pope. >> how incredible is this moment? he's set to depart at main clock a.m. sharp. anyone else with a 9:00 a.m. deadline probably wouldn't be outside with other people. he's reaching out, breaking the papal before his appearance there before a joint meeting of congress. following that he'll have an appearance on the west front of the capitol at 11:00 a.m. at 11:15 he will visit st. patrick's catholic church right in d.c. there. >> you know what? we were expecting him to come out at 9:00 because that's the time to leave. yesterday, the pope actually kept the president of the united states waiting for about ten minutes, because when he came out to get -- oh. how sweet is that? when he came out to get in to his fiat 500l, there were all those kids waiting, they wanted some selfies. they wanted a hug. he went over.
5:53 am
he spent ten minutes doing that. and so, today, it looks like, what they have done is the vatican residence, they decided let's go ahead, have him leave ten minutes early out of the building. he can do ten minutes with the hugging, get in the car, go down massachusetts, straight to the capitol. >> what a picture of inclusion. he just reaches out to the kids. and you see them so excited to be with him. i mean their smiles and excitement are pure. this isn't something they could have ever planned on. and their connection is real. >> yeah, he does look nervous. he's about to address congress for the first time in pope history and it doesn't seem to be fazing him. i think he knows what he's going to say. there's not going to be any teleprompters. you have security there but you have mostly children there. >> we do, indeed. we should point out that right now over washington, d.c., it is -- there's another full body embrace. that is just fantastic. this is a no drone zone because so many people have cameras. so many people have drones.
5:54 am
and washington is restricted air space anyway. but it is a no drone zone. it's also in effect for new york city. the pope is going to be leaving washington for jfk. he's going to arrive here i believe around 5:00 today, and then later, for philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> you get in trouble if you're security. >> he offers great hugs. he's a good hugger. offering blessings on the forehead of some of the children there. hand shakes. >> okay they're moving his fiat 500l to the end of this line of largely children. and i heard one report said some of the selfies we saw with some of the kids yesterday were kids who have -- go to a school nearby. also, keep in mind this particular vatican residence is on embassy row. and a number of these kids' families work at the embassy. >> and that child doesn't even know the pope just touched his
5:55 am
head. he's looking for his camera. live in the moment. don't get the picture. >> they want their selfie. oh, one surprised. it was actually there not just -- >> hold it a second, pope. >> but how generous are the adults in the situation to put the little children first, and in front to meet the pope, and receive a blessing from him. this most extraordinary day. >> absolutely. you know, once upon a time, the protocol was that you when you came in contact with the pope you would kiss his ring. but times have changed. and people really don't do that anymore. and -- >> he's not comfortable with it, steve. >> when the list of protocols came out, said really don't do that. just let us shake hands. do exactly what these folks are doing. >> exactly what he wants anyway. he just wants to see the faces of the people, of the united states, who are embracing him so warmly, as he is about to travel to the capitol. >> this is a man the first thing he did official capacity was to wash feet. >> yes. he's known for serving others.
5:56 am
you can tell he is fully in the moment being with the people. he currently has 7.2 million twitter followers. i have a feeling after this visit that will only continue to increase. his message of love, inclusion and serving one another rings true in his actions. >> peter doocy is up at the capitol where the pope is going to be heading for this first-ever joint meeting of congress. peter, tell us more. >> and leaders really do not want this address to be remembered like a state of the union where republicans and democrats clap for things they like and jeer at things that they do not like. so lawmakers have been given very specific instructions to be on their very best behavior. and so far, just one member has said they plan to stay home. that is republican congressman paul gosar who has an issue with the pope's stance on climate change. there are also specific restrictions on where lawmakers can sit. part of the center aisle has been blocked off. and the reason is they're trying
5:57 am
to prevent anyone from touching pope francis or putting their arms around him for a selfie. again today we've seen people lining up in the dark to have their tickets punched to stake a spot on the west front of the capitol. the crowd could grow to be as large as 50,000 strong for very brief remarks from the pope on the speaker's balcony. and the inside of u.s. capitol is as beautiful and historic as any building in this country. but for this occasion, officials decided to hang dark velour drapes in certain places because they feel it adds dignity and solemnity to the setup. plus it gives them the option to block people's view of the pope when he's on the move if they need to. there are also green "xs" marking the spot where pope francis will stand, including the spot in statuary hall next to a statue depicting father depicting father junipero serra who pope francis canonized yesterday at the basilica in northeast d.c. outside here on the east front, a smaller crowd, mostly staff and vips.
5:58 am
there are senate staff on the senate side, house staff on the house side. everybody waiting with their camera phones out for the world's most famous fiat to pull up and start a very special day here on capitol hill. >> surrounded by suvs. surrounded by tahoes and suburbans. just to orient folks, peter thank you very much for the live report. that is a portion of massachusetts avenue in northeast -- northwest washington and it curves because at the top of the hill to the right is the naval observatory. that, of course, is where the vice president of the united states, joe biden, lives. it is a beautiful neighborhood. and as you can see, the pope has quite a motorcade as he heads to the capitol. >> incredible -- >> i thought the traffic was going to be bad. it's really clear. >> he loves the traffic that he created and the interaction of people beforehand en route to the 10:00 a.m. speech before a joint session -- joint meeting
5:59 am
of congress. historically the first one to take place. >> so we're going to continue the coverage, so it's heading to the u.s. capitol, later on he's going to be in a soup kitchen and some churches throughout portions of washington, d.c. and then late this -- and look at the thousands of people who are amazing on the west front looking toward the u.s. mall. those people have traveled from all across the country for this opportunity, many of them up front needing tickets. the further back you don't need tickets. but this is history and people wanted to be in washington, the day the pope came to town. >> speech starts at 10:00. at 11:15 the pope is going to go to st. patrick's in washington, d.c. soon enough at 4:00 he'll head to new york and land right here at 5:00. and then he'll dominate -- >> and evening prayer at 6:45 p.m. right here at st. patrick's cathedral. >> and the traffic here in the new york city area is going to be unbelievable because in addition to the pope you've got the u.n. general assembly, you've got the president, you've got world leaders from 80
6:00 am
different countries. and you've got beyonce. so it's going to be a big traffic jam. >> and billy joel at madison square garden. >> it has been our great privilege to bring you these historic images live from washington. now we go -- bill: pope francis making history on capitol hill. and we'll watch it together. we have a second straight day of phenomenal weather. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: i'm martha maccallum live on capitol hill where


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